That the World May Believe – Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Mission and Interpretation of Zechariah 8:20-23
Albert M. Wolters

A Never-Ending Change: The Missionary Calling of the Church
Jerald D. Gort

Transformational Correlation: A Refomational Perspective on Cultural Theological Method in Conversation with David Tracy’s and Paul Tillich’s Correlational Approach
Timoteo D. Gener

Global Culture
Calvin Seerveld

Multiple Religious Participation in China: A Philosophical Puzzle
Sander Griffioen

Mission and Unity: The Theological Dynamic of Comity
Michael W. Goheen

Mission and Unity: Ecumenical, Reformed, and Migrant Perspectives
Jan A. B. Jongeneel

True Church and True Christians: Some Reflections on Calvinist Discernment
Richard J. Mouw

Unity: A Contribution from the Reformed Tradition
Martien E. Brinkman

The Theological Significance of Friendship in the Ecumenical Movement
Margaret O’Gara

Memory, Salvation, and Perdition
Miroslav Volf

Confessions and Ecumenicity: The Christian Reformed Church and Heidelberg Catechism 80
Lyle D. Bierma

Mission and Mystery: Gospel Testimony in Service to the World
Jeffrey Gros

International Dialogue Between Catholics and Evangelicals Since the Second Vatican Council
John A. Radano

A Reflection on the Joint Declaration on Justification and the Reformed Tradition
George H. Tavard

John Paul II’s Account of the Unity of Scholarship inFides et Ratio
Robert Sweetman

Towards an Ecumenical Social Theory: Revisiting Herman Dooyeweerd’s Critique of Thomism
Jonathan Chaplin

Curriculum Vitae: George Vandervelde