Gospel and Globalization – Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Introduction – Michael W. Goheen and Erin G. Glanville

The Bible and Globalization – Richard Bauckham

God, Globalization and Grace: An Exercise in Public Theology – Jonathan Chaplin

Probing the Historical and Religious Roots of Economic Globalization – Michael W. Goheen

The Emperor’s (not-so) New Clothes: Postmodernity, Globalization and the “Triumph” of Modernity – Craig G. Bartholomew

Globalization, Economics, and the Modern Worldview – Bob Goudzwaard

Globalization and the Logic of Capitalism – Paul Spencer Williams

From Shock and Awe to Shock and Grace: A Response to Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine – Brian J. Walsh

Commercial Entrepreneurship for the Good of People and Planet – Peter S. Heslam

Canada’s Oil Sands Development as Icon of Globalization – John L. Hiemstra

The Challenge of Islam’s Critique of Technology – Egbert Schuurman

Islam and the USA: Contrasting Visions of the End of History – James W. Skillen

Climate Change and the Rapid Dynamic of Globalization – Bob Goudzwaard

Globalization and Religious Fundamentalism – Robert Joustra

Creatures in a Small Place: Postcolonial Literature, Globalization, and Stories of Refugees – Erin G. Glanville

Convergence or Clash? The Coming Global Future – David T. Koyzis

Cities As a Place for Public Artwork: A Glocal Approach – Calvin Seerveld

Imagining Globalization as a Christian Literary Critic – Susan VanZanten

Education, Globalization, and Discipleship – Harro Van Brummelen

The World is Your Playground: Competing Stories of Gospel and Globalized Adventure – Rod Thompson with Athalia Bond