Resources for Studying Worldview, Mission & the Biblical Story

A New Book by Michael Goheen

Introducing Christian Mission Today: Scripture, History and Issues

In Introducing Christian Mission Today, Michael Goheen provides a full-scale introduction to the area of Christian mission. Incorporating the missional wisdom of Lesslie Newbigin, David Bosch, and JH Bavinck, among many others, it unfolds in three major sections.


About Michael W. Goheen

Welcome! On this site you will find resources by Michael Goheen for studying and teaching in the areas of biblical story, worldview, and mission. The foundational conviction is that the Bible is the true story of the world, most fully revealed in Jesus Christ...

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  • Christian Philosophy: A Systematic & Narrative Introduction

    This third book in a series of successful introductory textbooks by Craig Bartholomew and Michael Goheen builds on their previous projects, The Drama of Scripture and Living at the Crossroads, to offer a comprehensive narrative of philosophical thought from a distinctly Christian perspective.


  • The Drama of Scripture

    “Much recent scholarship has emphasized the narrative quality of Scripture. This book takes that insight and brings it to life, enabling even the beginner to grasp the sense of Scripture as a single great story—a drama in which we are all invited to play a part. I am delighted to see solid scholarship made easily accessible in this splendid fashion.” —N. T. Wright, Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, University of St. Andrews


  • Living at the Crossroads

    “This is a book filled with eye-opening insight, biblical nourishment, practical challenge, and robust hope. It turns the mission of God into our mission in the world and compels us to make some radical choices.” –Christopher J. H. Wright, international director, Langham Partnership International


  • The True Story of the Whole World

    “This is a vivid introduction to reading the Bible as a coherent story of God's purposes for the world. It will not only help the new reader but will also enable the experienced reader to distinguish the central themes of Scripture from mere sidelights.” –Gordon J. Wenham, author of Story as Torah


  • Gospel and Globalization

    "...this may be one of the most thrilling books I've seen this year ... It is rare, insightful, righteous, surprisingly diverse and a beautiful example of moving from a worldview to a way of life, from prophetic imagination to policy proposals, from scholarly insight to practical inspiration." -Byron Borger, Hearts & Minds Books



  • Worldview
  • Mission
  • Biblical Story

Biblical Story

All human communities live out of some story that provides a context for understanding the meaning of history and gives shape and direction to their lives. If we allow the Bible to become fragmented, it is in danger of being absorbed into whatever other story is shaping our culture, and it will thus cease to shape our lives as it should... Hence, the unity of Scripture is no minor matter: a fragmented Bible may actually produce theologically orthodox, morally upright, warmly pious idol worshippers!

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World View

Martin Luther once said that the gospel is like a caged lion that doesn’t need to be defended—just released. Indeed the gospel is the power of God for salvation. But the gospel is “caged” when it is accommodated to the story of humanism. Only when the gospel is set free from its captivity to the dominant cultural story will the church be equipped for its comprehensive mission in Western culture. The concept of ‘worldview’ can aid in that task.

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Our identity as God’s people comes from that missional role in the biblical story. Since the gospel is about God’s rule over all of creation, all nations, and all of human life, the mission of Jesus’ followers is as wide as creation itself! We have been commissioned to witness to the gospel in all of public life—business, scholarship, politics, family, criminal justice, art, media—and every other corner of human experience.

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